Welcome to Pets Clinic

Pets Clinic Veterinary Surgery in Walthamstow opened in June 2009. Our surgery is modern and offers an excellent standard of veterinary care. We do not belong to a corporation in the veterinary industry and our prices are affordable.

Every staff member is a pet owner. Our aim is to give the same care and attention to your pets as if they were our own.

According to your reviews our main strength is the friendly atmosphere we offer to all our clients. We have developed a reputation for being reliable and we are very proud of having over 2000 clients registered with our surgery.

The senior veterinary surgeon is the producer of our picture gallery. It started as a means of making the staff smile at lunch time. Now it is used around the world to make people feel better.

Please have a look whenever you feel stressed. Press the slideshow button and enjoy the show.


Monday - Friday Saturday Closed Sunday & Consultations by appointment
9 am - 7 pm 9 am - 12 noon Public Holidays